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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2013 2:44am-3:14am PDT

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>> thank you, supervisor yee, and thank you to the san francisco child care providers association and the family child care association of san francisco. colleague, we do have one more special commendation, but it will be offered at 3:30 jointly by supervisors farrell and breed. so, with that, madam clerk, why don't we go to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor avalos, you're
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first for introductions. >> thank you, madam clerk. just having an announcement of our [speaker not understood], home under the dome happening this coming thursday at 5:30. usually in the north light court, so, i expect it will be happening there. this is an event that's actually sponsored by the mayor and the board of supervisors, the san francisco public library , [speaker not understood] bookstore in supervisor wiener's district, brain wash cafe, [speaker not understood] studio design. the law offices of [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood] radio, studio 17 artists and the teaching writer. this is a great event, colleagues. i just would recommend coming down. [speaker not understood] a portion of t. if you have a poem to read, it will be a great way to share with the community. and that's just what i have today. i have a poem in a can that i want to share in honor of poems
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in the dome event. as you know, our poet laureate suggested that we actually have poetry here in the board chamber. i tried to work on that theme with a haiku for question time with the mayor, but now this is my term to actually open the can [speaker not understood] to read a poem. this is actually -- this can comes from frank and art mart which is actually an inner richmond institution. the practice conceptual themed art and i just love this idea. i want to promote spam. this poem is called numb and it's by jonathan greenal. the people stood quiet [speaker not understood], forging ideas, subjective. they needed worthless. they questioned the points, methods, mean and motive, the why's and wherefores. they deemed what seemed to be obvious, the elusive truth that had been there all along. [speaker not understood] no longer would they feel, numb.
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the most beautiful of words rolled off the tongue like rain off a roof, easily fed, easily felt, nothing at all, but numb. they moved once more, the cold night biting them. the wind bounced like weather off them. not once did it stir inside, not onces was the persian pierced by a smile nor a tear. they heard their hearts beat but did not feel the blood pump. they did not feel it push it to their organs or their brainses, instead it sat there and kept beat like a conductor without a seat. so easy, so easy not to cry nor moan, not to grieve or groan, not to smile or laugh. live life by halfs, half conscious. think did not see when it eroded their souls and brought to their knees, too numb to feel drag on the ground. they were not there any more. you could see body, but a body is all it is, numb.
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so easy to say, such a cost to pay. so, that was brought to you by jonathan greenal and [speaker not understood] will be at our event. poet laureate will be at poems in the dome. and i hope colleagues and the general public can show up. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. (applause) >> thank you. i have just two things today. today supervisor mar and i are introducing a resolution to add new bike rental locations on rec and park department property. this legislation will strengthen the city's transit first policy by increasing the sensible to alternative modes of transportation. the bike vendor park ride has been a trusted proven company operate intion city parks for the past couple of years. they're existing in very popular locations or downtown, in the marina and in golden gate park. providing customers the unique hop on, hop off ability to pick up a bike at one location and
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drop it off at another. i am excited to be a co-sponsor to these new bike locations at the east entrance of golden gate park located at alvers lake and at a small portion of the ocean beach parking lot which will connect the existing locations. the added locations will make it even more attractive for visitors and residents to travel by bike in san francisco. they will provide a valuable public amenity in our parks and they will activate the space as they serve. district 5's all bert lake in particular is a site which has been troubled with ongoing safety issues for years. ~ i have been working with the recreation and parks department, the san francisco police department and community based organizations which provide social services to provide more responsible solutions which will make the area safer, more family friendly and more inviting entrance to one of the greatest parks in the world. this proposal is a low impact
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way to bring positive activity to the albert lake area and is part of a package of solutions that i'm fulfilling. so, again, thank you, supervisor mar, for working with me on this effort. we wanted to introduce this legislation a few weeks ago, but i thought it was important to take some extra time to consult and collaborate with merchants, residents and neighborhood leaders in the haight. we have reached the compromise that reflects everyone's input although everyone is not completely satisfied with the outcome. i wanted to thank the recreation and parks department for working with my office and the community to find creative ways to find amenities in our parks and activate under utilized space and i look forward to seeing more bikes in albert lake and throughout san francisco. the other thing that's happening and actually just started this past weekend happened, happens every year in japantown, the northern california cherry blossom festival.
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this is the 46th anian cherry blossom festival. and this weekend the festival will be on both saturday and sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in japantown located primarily at polk street where it crosses webster. so, i hope you will join me. but also the parade will be this sunday. it starts at city hall at 1:00 p.m. and it concludes in japantown at approximately 3:00 p.m. it's an incredible parade and it's really festive. and the cherry blossom festival is one of california's prominent celebrations of asian tradition. each year, over 200,000 people from all over the bay area come to enjoy the color and grace of the japanese culture and diversity of the japanese american community. japantown in san francisco is the second-largest japantown in the country and, so, i'm really
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happy that we continue this festival, not just a one day celebration, but two day celebration of the history and culture. so, this weekend join us. it should be a great time, and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam clerk. i have a couple of items and i know that there will be an in memoriam that supervisor mar will be doing later today that i will be co-sponsoring. the first item is a resolution supporting the passage of ab 336 which is a bill that has been introduced by assembly member tom ammiano that essentially would make it the law in california that law enforcement could not use condoms as evidence for prostitution. the core of hiv prevention throughout this country has been the fact that condoms are very he critical to preventing
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hiv and other diseases. it is truly the most effective means by which to prevent transmission of this virus. unfortunately, in direct contradiction to that urgent public health message, we have in some parts of this country and some parts of this state law enforcement that actually use the possession of condoms by a person who is expected or expected of prostitution as evidence that that person indeed engaged in prostitution. and as a result of that, as a result, that law enforcement points to the existence or the use of a condom as evidence for prostitution, many individuals, many sex workers and those who fear being profiled as second workers no longer carry condoms with them, which is something that actually not only creates
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a public health hazard in terms of their health, but the health of the public as a whole. that really creates multiple opportunities for transmission of hiv and other illnesses. this practice has truly been found to have a disproportionately impact as well on the transgender community and communities of color, and it really goes against everything that we want to see from a public health standpoint. i'm very proud, by the way, that at the local level we have our own law enforcement, our district attorney, our police chief, and their respective offices who have worked with community groups, with the human rights commission, my office and others to make sure that in san francisco we have a policy of not using condoms as evidence for prostitution. we are very proud of that. so, this bill by assembly member tom ammiano would state that the possession of one or
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more condoms as a matter of law in california will not be used as evidence for solicitation or engagement in prostitution. we have previously as a board in 1995 actually taken up a resolution that opposed the use of condoms as evidence. and i hope we continue to lead the way to make it clear as important as it is, given the importance of preventing the transmission of hiv and other diseases, that it's critical for law enforcement not to engage in a practice that undermines public health. i want to thank the following -- my following colleagues who are co-sponsoring this resolution. supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos, supervisor mar, and supervisor yee. thank you very much for your co-sponsorship. the next item is another resolution also supporting a
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piece of legislation that is currently pending at the state assembly. it's assembly bill 12 66 that has also been introduced by assembly member tom ammiano which addresses the issue of how school districts interact with transgender students. the law as it is right now in california actually prohibits discrimination against students based on their gender department it. -- ~ identity. unfortunately some schools and school districts in this state continue to fail to recognize that it is discriminatory and harmful to nontransgender students to acschool-related facilities and activities. something that unfortunately, even after the law protected these students was passed, continues to be a problem throughout the state. this bill by assembly member ammiano would clarify what the legal obligations by each school district and school actually are.
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it would ensure that transgender students in every district in every school in california will be guaranteed equal protection and equal educational opportunities just like the rest of their peers. the fact that no student can learn if they feel they have to hide who they are at school, if they're singled out for unequal treatment, and in this case denying transgender students equal treatment based on their identity denies them the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. and we know that the right to that environment is critical to having an education. schools across california, including some of the state's largest school districts, are already accepting and supporting their transgender students and that's something that we're proud of to do here in san francisco, but we need to do more. and one of the things that is happening with many of these students is that you look at the suicide rates and their
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high. and it's important for san francisco to continue to speak out in support of these students. and, so, i ask for your support for passage of assembly bill 12 66. i want to thank my colleagues for their co-sponsorship, supervisor wiener, supervisor mar, supervisor avalos, and supervisor kim. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, colleagues. i have a brief item i'm introducing a resolution to urge the california state legislature to pass assembly bill 900 which would reverse reductions that were made in our state budget process a few years ago in medi-cal reimbursement rates for certain nursing facilities. nursing facilities have been facing reduced medi-cal reimbursement rates in the last few years and this could severely limit the breadth and scope of services that are offered in san francisco including services by the laguna honda hospital and rehabilitation center as well
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as the jewish home in san francisco which provide post-acute care and community reintegration services for many san francisco residents. the rest of my items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor cohen. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you very much. i have one in memoriam today that i'd like to submit for this body to consider. this is an in memoriam of robert chris man. robert chris man was born in 1938 and is the founding publisher and recently retired editor in chief of the black scholar. he died on march 10, 2013 after a lengthy illness in his home in san francisco. mr. chris man and his family moved to the bay area in the 1950s where he immediately became involved in the lively and diverse cultural scene of our city. he entered into u.c. berkeley english department to study literature and quickly discovered the works of
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frederic douglas, w.e.dubois. [speaker not understood]. the black scholar journal is devote today black studies and research and serves as an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to unite activists and academic intellectuals in common advocacy for the needs of the black community. more than 200 issues later, the journal is still publishing and has become the leading independent journal of african americans intellectual inquiry and has shaped many universities' ethnic studies african-american studies including women's program including those of san francisco state university. mr. chris man was not only a scholar and a journalist, but an accomplished writer and poet. his works gained recognition from the credit and other poets including alice walker. he published three volumes of poetry in numerous books.
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mr. chris man was a tremendous advocate for the african-american community and his journal has inspired thousands of students to find reflections, strength, activism and solidarity and the history and continued efforts in the african-american community. he survived by his brother philip and his daughter laura. and then i have one more brief remarks. i'm also saddened by the passing of former berkeley city councilmember -- city council person ma dell shirk. she passed away recently at the ripe old age of 100 years old. ma dell was truly the court godmother to be quoting [speaker not understood] godmother of east bay politics. the former city of berkeley vice mayor and [speaker not understood] was born and raised in jefferson arkansas as the granddaughter of slaves, she was passionate about justice and civil rights. during her tenure as the berkeley elected official she
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was instrumental in creating multiple city commissions including the berkeley commission on labor. when she retired she was 92 years old. she was the oldest elected official in california at that time. in 2007 berkeley city council renamed city hall in her honor. ma dell was commit today educating seniors and the entire community on the benefits of healthy living. she loved shopping for fruits and vegetables and you can often find her cooking nutritious meals at the west berkeley senior center. she leaves behind a tremendous legacy of over 70 years of public service and she's inspired countless others to do the same, including myself. as an elected legislator -- as elected legislators i think we can uniquely identify with this tremendous woman. this is a loss to the entire bay area and my thoughts are with her and her family. thank you. and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohenedthv supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. ~. supervisor mar.
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>> thank you. colleagues, today in light of the devastating events at the boston marathon, i'm calling for a hearing on how our city is prepared to prevent similar occurrences from happening here at our numerous marathons, large open public events, and other civic activities. as you're aware, san francisco is host to dozens of world class events, some large scale concerts in golden gate park, yacht races. many of these events occur in district 1, but all of our districts are impacted by some way. the purpose of the hearing is to ensure that our residents -- to ensure our residents that we have adequate safety and emergency response measures in place and plan as well, and to allay any fears that may have arisen as a result of the bombings in boston. and again, condolances and -- condolances to the families and many that were injured as well. i have complete confidence in our law enforcement agencies and yet it is always a good
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idea to review and refine our strategies and raise public awareness and confidence as well. and like supervisor breed, i'll be out there for the cherry blossom festival on a more happier note. and it was very windy out there this past weekend. it looks like it's going to be beautiful on saturday and sunday. and sunday's parade should be amazing as it always is, but look for me in the little red convertible with my kid jace as well, and lots of hula dancing and other activities as well this weekend. also i wanted to acknowledge, too, that supervisor breed and president chiu are joining me today in asking for support for our community arts groups and funding for the art. and we're introducing a resolution jointly to support assembly bill 580 authored by assemblyman adrian na sariian which would increase funding to our california arts council and many of our arts organizations. since the arts council budget
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was cut in 2002, almost to nothing, california has sunk almost to the bottom, number 50 of arts funding in the u.s. has placed undue burden to communities with arts. counterparts, l.a., san diego and oakland is joining us in also hopefully supporting this important assembly bill and refunding of our arts council. more specifically, in 2001, san francisco artists and arts organizations received 305 grants totaling $6 million. in 2012 in contrast, those amounts were reduced to approximately 50 grants totaling about $600,000 which is a cut of about 90% or a cut of about $5 million. and organizations that lost their funding are from every supervisorial district and a broad representation of san francisco's population. some examples are the fine arts museums and california poets in the schools in my district,
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lilly cai chinese dance company and the magic theater in district 2. district 3, [speaker not understood] 42nd street moon in district 3. chamber music s.f. in district 4, cultural odyssey in district 5. counter posts in district 6. i think you get the picture. every single district is impacted. so, we urge you to join us in passing this important assembly bill with this resolution. also i'm very pleased that we have a number of poets with us in the chambers today and arts lovers. and i'm glad that supervisor avalos talked about thursday's [speaker not understood] under the dome. i see [speaker not understood] bobby coleman and many other poets. but we recently lost a great community poet, and supervisor campos is also going to make some remarks. but i'd like to ask us to close the meeting in memory of carlos ramirez. he was -- he spent lots of his life in the richmond district. but let me talk a little bit
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about his colorful and full life. mr. ramirez was a san francisco native who moved to el salvador as a three-year old child with his parents and two siblings in 1941. they returned to the u.s. four years later when a revolution forced them to flee their country. he grew up in san francisco's richmond district for the next 10 years and moved with his family to other districts as well. he studied poetry at new college of california which is my alma matre as well in san francisco. there his teacher, the passionate artist and activist nina sorono emboldened him to create poetic statements [speaker not understood]. he later took a course in poetry at city college of san francisco. i believe with poetry for the people and many different collectives with michael [speaker not understood] in 1984 and he won a prize in the academy of american poets, city college of san francisco poetry competition as well. he was a member of [speaker not
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understood], an organization which he traveled to el salvador with in november 2012 to take part in the third annual international festival of children's poetry. his poems have been published in various bay area poetry biologies. mr. ramirez was a fixture in the mission district. he was always at cafe bethlehem and i'm sure that supervisor campos would want to say a few words about him as well. but i'd like to ask us to close our meeting in his honor. also i wanted to alert you that this coming saturday will be our first budget meeting for the city. it's in district 1 at washington high school's auditorium. and i'm very proud that my office has been working with mayor ed lee's office and supervisor katy tang's staff and her that this is going to be a great town hall saturday morning 10:00 a.m. to noon. our office has reached out to many of our community paced
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organizations and community and neighborhood groups to make sure they are coming to give their vision of what the richmond and the sunset in our districts represent. a number of the department heads as always will be there with their staff to listen to the needs of our neighborhoods. i wanted to thank kate howard, the director of the mayor's budget office and the office of neighborhood services and the staff that supervisor tang and myself as well for the outreach work. the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs will be providing simultaneous translation to the many chinese and maybe russian speaking people from our neighborhoods and other languages if needed. so, if you want information about the first of a series of our districts town halls, please let my staff now. also later today on our imperative agenda is an item, i'd like to ask you to join me in honoring a great business in the richmond celebrating 50
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years, tia margarita. there are some in the audience that love it there as i do as well. we're going to be voting on declaring april 20th saturday, 2013 as tia margarita day in san francisco. its was founded by virginia and alex hobbs and it's been in business since 1963 at the corner of 19th and clement street in the richmond district. 50 years of continuous service is an example of a great responsible family business and an overwhelming amount of support from the richmond district community. the restaurant's friendly atmosphere has brought in many from the neighborhood and brought people together. lots of dates go on in the restaurant and there's a really great bar there as well, but lots of lasting friendships are really thriving because of the restaurant. also their authentic mexican food and drinks are awesome, and tia margarita has become integral to our city's history
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and small business culture. so, joining me this saturday and i ask for your support. it is also in honoring the original founders virginia and alex hobbs and remembering also and supporting the current owners, the daughter and current owner helen hobbs. and lastly, i'll be moderating a panel on thursday as our general assembly for the association of bay area governments meets in oakland. but our former laborer secretary for the u.s. robert reich will be speaking specifically on how local areas can address the needs of the population given the huge federal cuts and sequestration cuts. and the panel that i'm moderating will be on planning for people and places, highlighting a lot of the great planning that's been going on in san francisco. the other panelists are a community oriented architect david baker, also u.c. davis professor michael rios and
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others how we in san francisco are planning for complete streets and better more sustainable future as well. thanks for listening. the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i am introducing legislation to authorize the purchase of the noe valley town square site on 24th street from our recreation and park open space acquisition fund. colleagues, as i know that you will recall from recent commendation that i did, the noe valley town square is a long plan and desired project on 24th street at the location of the noe valley farmers market. the noe valley farmers market is one of the very best farmers market street in the city and it is one of the very few that is operated independently without an outside vendor. ~ markets it is created and operated by people who are in the
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neighborhood. it is an amazing institution. the parking lot that is used for the farmers market will be sold. the noe valley ministries which owns the market, which owns the parking lot needs to sell the property in order to finance its earthquake retrofit. so, it will be sold either to a developer, to probably put condominiums there or we can keep it as really the only open space in the 24th street commerce corridor and create a permanent town square which will host a farmers market as well as provide permanent open space for the neighborhood. this is a very, very high priority in the neighborhood. i think it would be a very positive thing. the neighborhood has already raised $500,000 to help with the build out. once the acquisition is complete. ~ and i am very, very optimistic that we'll be able to get this


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